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31 October 2012 @ 08:52 pm
[sk] halloween beta / fanfic preview  

I didn't have the enough time to work on a proper fic ;~; but Halloween is my favorite part of the year so I couldn't let it go by without doing something about it.

What I'm about to share are two scenes of a project I'm working on, featuring (again lol) Oto SasuKarin. The general storyline is that they go on a mission to Takigakure for Orochimaru has something he desires to obtain... but I'll save the details for later as to not spoil you guys the whole fic. But no worries, I included a few 'context-flashbacks' in the scenes, so hopefully they should be easy enough to follow, even if the circumstances leading to them are a mystery lol

Without further ado, here is are the two scenes of the yet-to-be-named fic~!


“Currently, you’re nowhere near the level you aspire to be, Sasuke-kun. You cannot afford the luxury of being so merciful; it may cost you your life.”

If the remark annoys him, Sasuke hides it well. “That’s none of your concern.”

“Just some friendly advice, is all.”

“Save it.” Sasuke’s eyes narrow. He was sick of wasting his time. “Where is Orochimaru?”

“Oh, he is looking for our companions. We will be a four-member team, remember?” and an unnamed glint slips into Kabuto’s eyes.

In retrospective, Sasuke should have known then.

His eyes water due to the stench as he steps into the cave. He does not know what were they using this place for, but it has evidently served as their hideout for more than a couple of days; they hadn’t made much effort to cover their tracks. There was dried body waste sprawled near the walls and animal skeletons carelessly discarded everywhere, alongside torn clothes and bloodied bandages.

Sasuke scrunches his nose with disgust. Not even the most worthless of Orochimaru’s test subjects were kept in such contemptible conditions.

It was no wonder the Sannin had warned them against wandering into these areas.

But it’s not like they had much choice, had they?


Sasuke turns to throw his companion a questioning look over his shoulder; one that is answered with an apprehensive growl. “There are more coming, don’t slow down!”

“How many?”

“Around ten—no, twelve of them!”

Damn them, Sasuke inwardly curses as he hurries his pace. Footsteps echo behind him, and they’re enough to know his teammate was keeping up; he does not turn back again, focusing instead of finding a possible escape route that would save them the trouble of colliding head-on against the reinforcements.

And so he misses the muffled cry that echoes at his back.


His call receives no reply. Sasuke frowns, turning off his Sharingan. The cave seemed to be empty; perhaps the bandits had already found another hideout, or perhaps they had never brought her here at all.

He could not help but hope for the latter. The acrid stench of coagulated blood was unmistakable, and far too strong to be anything but recent.

To have meant anything but death.

Still, something keeps him from leaving. He has only given a few more steps inside when that something takes the form of a pair of thick-rimmed glasses lying on the ground.

Sasuke freezes.

As he bends to pick them up, throat dry—the cracked, lifeless glasses that he would’ve recognized anywhere—dread pulsates throughout his body like beats to a heart; and while the latter seems to stop at the sight of the dark, dried blood splattered against the broken glass, the former only hastens.


He calls, and then he is rushing to the depths of the cave at full speed, something hot and menacing spreading through his limbs.

“What is Orochimaru thinking, dragging you into this?”

“It’s fine, Sasuke. I can’t get better unless I get some experience of my own, can I?”

Sasuke glances at her, brows knitted together. “It’s too soon.”

For a moment, Karin’s anxiousness slips into her expression—but she is looking away before he could have the enough time to realize this is the first time he’s seen her like this since that day in the forest, a lifetime ago. “Don’t underestimate me, Sasuke! I’ll be the one who decides when it’s too soon for me!”

Sasuke lets out a noncommittal drawl, but says nothing else.

Damn her.

She was becoming too alike him for her own good.

He finds her on the ground, immobile.

Clothes torn and limbs bloodied. Red hair sprayed messily across her face, so that it’s impossible to tell when did it end and when did the blood begin.

Karin, Sasuke wants to call. But his throat is too dry and his lips won’t cooperate.
Check for a pulse, is what he wants to do. But his limbs won’t move.

She looked dead.

She probably was.

Sasuke does not realize he has stopped breathing until a shuriken dashes past him and into the cave’s wall, drawing a thin line of fire across his cheek.

“You move and you’re dead, kiddo.”

Warns a voice from behind, but Sasuke’s mind is too hazy to register it and so he turns, ever so slowly—only to meet a familiar pair of blue eyes.

The man shakes in his hold, tears gathering in the corner of his eyes.

“Sasuke-kun, finish him off already!”

“Shut up!” Sasuke snarls, and the Chidori gathering in his hand dissipates. “Get off my sight.”

The pitiable shinobi falls to his knees and then scurries off. The last thing Sasuke sees of him is a glance of his frightened blue eyes.

Sasuke’s own widen in bone-chilling remembrance.

You…” he growls, and does not realize the guttural turn his voice had taken.

The man whose life he had spared, had been the one to—?

The thought becomes jumbled, like a radio with static, and Sasuke is almost blind to the smirk that curves the shinobi’s lips.

“If you’re coming for your girl, I’m afraid you’re too late,” he taunts, and something inside Sasuke snaps. “But you’ll join her soon, you bas—w—what the hell!?”

The Takigakure shinobi gives a step back as a pair of monstrous wings tear Sasuke’s back, his skin darkening alongside his eyes, which become bottomless pits of black.

“W—wait!” the man pleads, stumbling backwards—but his voice is drown out by Sasuke’s wings cutting through the wind as he takes flight.

They are screaming before he has laid his claws on the first.


Her eyes snap open.

Vacant, widened blue eyes stare back at her. It takes her disoriented mind more than a few seconds to take notice of the mute, terrified yell horribly engraved in those lips—but she forgets it as soon as she does, for there is nothing but a gaping hole from the chin-below.

Karin sits with a start, fighting against the bile of vomit that crawls up her throat—which only worsens as she takes it in.

The blood. There was blood everywhere—bodies and limbs sprawled all around her, like sacrifices to a god-forsaken rite.

But—how…? Last time she had checked, she had been—

A sudden pulsation of chakra cuts that thought short; it came from the mouth of the cave. Karin narrows her eyes in its direction, but all she can make out without her glasses is a blurry maze of shadows that tell her nothing.

So she picks herself up to her trembling feet, and moves. The chakra was dark, and cold—blood-thirsty. It did not take a genius to figure out the carnage inside the cave was its doing. She should’ve been probably looking for a way to get out without being noticed, but the truth is that the thought does not even cross her mind.

She had been saved, somehow. Why?—is what her mind is wondering, and her mind wants answers.

Moreover—there’s something… familiar, in that chakra is what her instinct is telling her, and her instinct keeps her legs moving and her heart beating.

But it almost stops when she steps outside.

Standing with its back to Karin was a creature unlike anything she had ever seen before. Grotesque, hand-like wings protuberating from its back—its skin was eerily dark, its hair long and unkempt, blood dripping from its fingertips.

It looked like something that could have inhabited a children’s tale—a children’s nightmare.

And yet—yet something about it dismembers Karin’s fear before she could even have the chance to taste it.

What she tastes instead is a single name. “…Sasuke?”

~ to be continued! lol hahaha don't mind the Karin scene too much, it's actually just a draft. I though it'd feel kind of empty if I just posted Sasuke's orz