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12 November 2012 @ 10:57 pm
[sk fic] prompt: drunk  
hastily put together written for the SK FC's latest writing challenge week, featuring the prompt: Drunk.

Author's Notes: I'm not proud at all of my writing style in this, but if I didn't wrap it up and post it already I'd probably not be able to participate because I'm already full of homework and it's barely Monday ;_;

Chronologically, it takes place somewhere between 417 and 449. In my mind, it takes place the day Tobi randomly took Sasuke out for some drinks lol

by Kanae

Her head perks up.

He is coming.

Karin glances at the clock—what took him so long? It was almost midnight—and leisurely puts her book down.

By the time the door opens, Karin has already made herself comfortable by the entrance. She is leaning on the wall, arms crossed over her chest and dry remarks ready to be aimed and shot.

And shoot she would have—had the sight that greeted her eyes not rendered her speechless with bewilderment.

There stood Tobi, arms clumsily wrapped about Sasuke’s torso in an attempt to keep him upright; but to no avail, for the Uchiha’s legs seemed to be suspiciously wobbly.

For a long, strained moment, there was nothing but silence.

And then Tobi let out an awkward laugh. “Ehehe, seems like I overestimated Sasuke… he can’t hold his liquor, can he?”

“You got Sasuke drunk!?” Karin echoes, incredulously. To her growing annoyance, the masked-man does nothing but scratch the nape of his neck and let out another pitiful chuckle—and no, she did not see what was so funny about this.

She is about to tell him as much when Sasuke dimly raises his head.

“…Ka… rin?”

His pupils were dilated and his expression faint, absent; Karin can’t remember having ever seen him like this before, ever.

Somehow, that’s enough to dilute her righteous anger into mere irritation.

“Go away,” she begrudgingly grumbles, holding back a sigh. “I will take him from here.”

Shamelessly, Tobi doesn’t bother to hide his relief. “Eh, really? Thanks, my arms were starting to go numb!”

“Tch, serves you right.”

If Tobi hears her, he does a fine job at pretending not to. He limits to helping her seize Sasuke, draping one of the drunkard’s arms across her shoulders while Karin wrapped her own around his waist.

Once it looks like Sasuke won’t be falling any time soon, the mysterious man steps back and gives a pleased nod. “I’ll leave you two, then.”

Karin would have ignored him—hadn’t it been for what he said next.

“Don’t do anything naughty, kids!”

Despite herself, Karin feels her face going as red as her hair. “Why, you freaking—!” but the man dismisses her indignant yells with an offhand wave and merrily leaves to his chambers, not even sparing them another look.

“Tch,” she irately mutters, starting to drag Sasuke to his room. “What exactly does he think we can do when Sasuke’s like this….?”

If she were to be honest with herself, she would admit that the thought was a little frustrating—something that reflects itself on the way her eyebrows stop twitching with embarrassment and faintly furrow instead.

She had not given it much thought before, but idling around in this place with nothing to do aside from reading had made her realize that it had been a while since she and Sasuke had gotten the chance to be alone. And whenever they were together, there always seemed to be something else going on; revenge, Itachi, Suigetsu being an ass, Juugo losing control, work to do, bizarre masked-men, Jinchuuriki to catch, ploys to play, more revenge—they had too much on their hands and Sasuke one too many objectives.

And Karin, she—well, all she wanted to do was aid him. She understood why things had to be the way they were, and respected it. Which is why she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Sasuke’s mission in any way; even if it was hard to keep herself from giving in, sometimes, when he looked at her a certain way or stood too close.

Tch, don’t dwell on that, Karin admonishes herself, tightly closing her eyes.

But they abruptly snap open as hot breath caresses her ear.

“Karin…” Sasuke whispers, and Karin freezes. He was too close—his lips were brushing her earlobe with every word he spoke, and despite her self-control, Karin felt her knees go weak at the unexpected intimacy. “Where are we…?”

“W—s—shut up, Sasuke…! I’m taking you to your room!” she stammers with great effort, praying Sasuke will be drunk enough to not notice just how fast her heart was beating—how her body’s temperature had suddenly gone up a notch.

To her relief, Sasuke obliviously mumbles something that could’ve been anything from an agreement to a complaint, so Karin forces herself to push away the unwanted reactions his proximity had stirred and focus on the task at hand. “Ugh, seriously, Sasuke… what were you thinking, drinking like this? You’re lucky Suigetsu’s already asleep or he wouldn’t let you live this one down.”

Her remark is met by silence, but after a few moments, Sasuke suddenly becomes lighter to carry. Karin looks at his feet only to find he was now making the effort to walk—albeit ineptly. Hn, so he isn’t that out of it, then.

Yet… to think Sasuke had actually gone and gotten drunk out of his own volition, whereas he had never partaken in such endeavors during his time in Otokagure. Hell, she could only remember him tasting sake once, only to make a disgusted face afterward; too sweet, he had said.

Karin kicks open the door of his room and ungracefully drags him in. The lights are out and the room is submerged in darkness for the most part with the exception of his futon, which laid by the only window. A lucky thing for her, as the moonlight is more than enough to help Karin guide him to the futon without stumbling.

This is about Itachi, isn’t it? Is what she thinks but does not say, as she lies him down. That brother of his…. Dimly, Karin could not help but wonder if there would ever come a day when he would stop hurting Sasuke this much.

“Karin…” Sasuke calls, and Karin darts a quizzical glance at him as she takes off his sandals, only to find him giving her an odd look. “That dress….”

“Huh?” she looks down at herself, having momentarily forgotten that she wasn’t wearing her usual attire but a short, black dress in its stead. “Oh, this? I found it in the room that weirdo gave me. I guess it belongs to that blue-haired chick we saw the other day, but she isn’t around, so.” Karin gives a careless, unapologetic shrug. “Why?”

Sasuke looks away, laying himself back down. “…Nothing.”

Karin cannot help but to arch an eyebrow. Sasuke had actually noticed the dress?—no, more than that; he had actually commented on it?

Heh, maybe drunk Sasuke isn’t that much of a hassle, after all. The thought draws a coy smile across her lips, and she goes to sit by his side instead of leaving to her own room.

“Want some water?”

“No… I’m fine.”

“Heh, you sure? You’re probably gonna have one hell of a hang-over in the morning, Sasuke, so you might as well start rehydrating yourself. I’ve heard the headaches can get pretty nasty, y’know?”

Sasuke frowns, but keeps to himself as he looks out of the window. That stubborn expression of his is all Karin needs, and she can’t bite back the amused snort that leaves her lips as she gets up to go and fetch him some water.

Her back is to him—and so she does not notice the way Sasuke’s stare shifts over to her form and settles on her exposed shoulder-blades.

“You aren’t even fully healed yet, Sasuke,” she carries on, obliviously. “If you want us to quickly get out of here then you better stop pulling shit like this.”

“Stop… mothering me, Karin.”

His irked complaint diverts her greatly, and it is smirking still that she helps him prop himself up and hands him the glass of water. “Heh, then stop acting like a kid.”

He gives her a half-hearted glare but offers no resistance to her hold, drinking the water down with a vigor he wasn’t quite capable of hiding—or that he perhaps wasn’t trying to hide. It’s been a while since either of them had last tried to keep their weaknesses from the other—just like it’s been a while since they’ve been like this.

When she regained consciousness after nearly dying at the hands of Killlerbee, Sasuke had been too busy dealing with Tobi. And before that, well… it went without saying that it had been nearly impossible to, what with Suigetsu and Juugo around—and it’s not that she didn’t trust those two; she did. But it was one thing to trust them with her life, and another to trust her with her vulnerabilities.

There was only one person she trusted the latter to.

Nostalgia makes itself a nest inside Karin, thick and unbearably tender, so that she has to make a conscious effort to fight the urge to give into it. Give into this fondness she felt for Sasuke; an affliction that was only made worse by his current state, for despite her annoyance at his childishness, Karin could not help but to find something uncannily endearing about how fragile he looked.

It only makes her feel more concerned—and more unarmored. “That jutsu… it really took a lot out of you, didn’t it?”

She mutters without even noticing, and Sasuke stiffens. His discomfort serves as a wake-up call to Karin, who straightens and mentally slaps herself. Stop it, Karin! This is no time to go sentimental on him!

Then she reminded herself of the reasons behind his misery; remembers them until that loving feeling has gone awry and the fond smile has faded from her lips. Remembers until her hands curl into loose fists and the distant look returns to her eyes.

There was nothing to feel warm over—not here, and certainly not after what had happened to Sasuke.

Not when Sasuke was feeling miserable enough to drink like this.


Karin comes to her senses only to notice Sasuke significantly holding the now-empty glass for her to grab. She welcomes the distraction without even thinking of scolding him for it. “Right, right—I’ll get you some more.”

She doesn’t get to, however. The moment she turns her back on him, Sasuke seizes her forearm.

Nonplussed, Karin tries to look at him over her shoulder—but she has barely gotten a glimpse of his eyes when Sasuke is forcing her to turn back again, his hands somehow finding their way to the straps of her dress—and unceremoniously pulling it down.

“Sa—Sasuke, what the hell!?”

Karin demands, at once stunned and crossed by his rash action. She makes no effort to pull the dress back on, however; she doesn’t feel embarrassed to be exposed in front of Sasuke, not when he was already more than familiar with most of her anatomy—what she feels instead is curiosity. It wasn’t like Sasuke to be so forward, and much less without her permission.

All coherent though hitches to a halt alongside her breath as a calloused finger ghostly traces her back. “… It left no scars.”

The Amaterasu, Karin realizes, eyes widening. Suddenly, Sasuke’s early discomfort takes a whole new meaning—one that makes her insides warm over, and for reasons alien to his touch.

“… Thanks.”

Sasuke’s fingers freeze and Karin swallows-hard, trying to pretend she isn’t blushing. “I—uh, heard what happened from Juugo. You saved me, so… I guess I should thank you, huh?”

There is something weird—something heavy about Sasuke’s silence as he lies back down, and it does not go unnoticed by Karin as she rearranges her dress, heart racing still. Yet, it isn’t until her blush has cooled down that she turns to face him, only to find him with his stare set on the ceiling, a thoughtful but faraway look in his eye. He looked melancholic, and his chakra felt like regrets.

It wasn’t hard to imagine what he was thinking about.


It was always Itachi.

“…Idiot,” she whispers forlornly, and this time there is no fighting the feeling that takes over her hand makes it gently brush his bangs away from his forehead. “Drinking isn’t going to drown your sorrows,” her eyes narrow with scarred grief. “…You and I both know that.”

He visibly flinches at her last words, but he does not look at her and neither does he break the silence—and Karin feels the desperate need to fill it.

We’re here, is what she wants to tell him. I am here.

But she can’t—she can’t because they are truths Sasuke was not ready to hear yet, drunk or not. And Karin knows this. So she bites the inside of her cheek and swallows her heart down, forcing herself not to grimace at the bitter, helpless taste it leaves on her throat.


His name is shaded with the unsaid, and Sasuke seems to feel it somehow, because his fingers loosely drape themselves around her wrist.

“Itachi…” he starts, and his voice is startlingly hoarse. “He… lied to me.”

“…I know,” Karin softly murmurs, her fingertips grazing the skin of his hand. They had heard the basics from Tobi, and it was more than enough. “You don’t need to explain, Sasuke.”

But he does. He does either way; tells her about Itachi’s sacrifice and about his love. About how he had wanted to protect him, at the prize of his hate. About his gentle smile, and his apology.

And above all he tells her about his mission, and the pain he must have carried within him all along.

About unfairness—about his brother’s selfness and the Elder’s egocentrism.

“That’s why…” he whispers, and the pain in his chakra reaches an all-time high, blue darkening into black. “I must kill them… I must avenge Itachi… I must make them pay for what they did to him.”

“I understand,” she states, and means it. Sasuke seems startled, his slightly widened eyes landing on hers—Karin holds them there, boldly giving his arm a reassuring squeeze. “If this is what you truly want to do… I’ll lend you my powers.”


No other words leave his lips, but Karin does not need them to. Instead, she shakes her head, brows lightly furrowing. “Pitting a child against his own family… tch, Konoha’s Elders really are fucked up.”

His hold on her wrist tightens, his face scrunching up. “Not only them… everyone in that village… all of them are fucked up.”

Karin blinks—and suddenly, there are alarm bells going-off in her head. “Sasuke?”

He does not seem to register her call. “Today… Konoha ninja were calling Niisan a traitor. Good riddance, they said. They built their peace upon my brother’s sacrifice… and they don’t even appreciate it… they insult him as if he were trash, when his life was more valuable than their own!”

Karin tries to pull her wrist away, but his hold was too strong; it was starting to hurt. “Calm down, Sasuke… they don’t know any better. You didn’t know any better yourself, remember?”

Before Karin could even react there’s a flash of crimson and he is at once raising and pulling her to him, so that their noses all but brush—but Karin is too alarmed to notice just how close they were.

Shut up! Don’t compare me to the likes of them, Karin!” he bellows, and Karin can only stare, completely taken aback.

It was the first time Sasuke has talked to her like that—the first time he has treated her in such a way.

Sasuke seems to realize it as well, because his eyes widen with cognizance—red morphing back into black, angry lines easing into ambivalence. Karin notices it all even though his rage does not quite fade from his chakra, because his face is still only mere inches away from her own; but it does nothing to help her shock.

“W—what the….”

For a long moment, there is nothing but silence.

And then Karin finds her voice.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that, Sasuke.”

She states, evenly—and then stands, roughly yanking her wrist away.

Impulsively, Sasuke makes a movement to catch it again, but misses. Karin pretends to not have noticed, and Sasuke makes no effort to try again—and so she walks away without turning back.

Until she reaches the door. Only then does she cast a look at him only to find him sitting still, head bowed as he looked at his hands, lost in thought.

And it’s there, from the threshold of the door, that Karin feels it the clearest.

That cold pang of trepidation.

The shadows looming over Sasuke’s chakra, and waiting to strike. Waiting to sneak in through his rage and heartbreak and seize him as theirs.

And for the first time—Karin fears.

He was so close, and yet—she felt that if she were to go back in there, she would never be able to reach him.

And that’s what frightens Karin the most.


…She had a bad feeling about this.

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carpediem: IchiRuki Reading is Srs Businesschappy_bunny_15 on November 13th, 2012 02:23 pm (UTC)
Perfection! :D It felt so IC!
Kanaekanae_mizuhito on November 13th, 2012 10:44 pm (UTC)
aww so glad you liked it, thank youuu! ♥ I hope you've been well, dear!
carpediem: Karliechappy_bunny_15 on November 14th, 2012 03:33 am (UTC)
You're welcome! :) I've been well, just trying to make it in uni. Happy belated birthday btw!

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