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I don't quite know why, but I've been hit by the sudden urge of F-locking my journal. I have the sneaking suspicion that what I truly wanted was to have the excuse to use one of those pretty FO banners


So, I'll now be f-locking most entries. Except the ones that I'm also going to be posting in other communities, like icons and such. But my random ramblings and essays about my fandoms and stuff will be visible only for my friend-list.


If you want to be added, then comment here and I'll be more than glad to add you back. I tend to add everyone after all; though saying what we have in common won't hurt, either ♥

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[FANFIC - HBD, SASUKE(?)] wildfire; (SK)

now uploaded in fanfiction.net~! here; if you wish to comment but can't do so here, please feel free to review over there~!

By: Kanae (Goth-Punk88 @ ff.net)
Rating: M (some suggestive scenes, and some violence.)
Word Count: 8.810
Author's Notes: I got this plot-bunny a couple of months ago; the idea was to sit down and carefully plan it, but… well, life happened. So I decided to let it write itself instead. Posting it for Sasuke’s birthday project because, while his birthday is not the focus of this, it does get briefly mentioned (:hurr)~ Also, there are some credits, but I’ll be giving them at the end of the fic in order to not spoil anyone.
Warning: Some OOC-ness due to the fact that I'm working with future SK... among other things you will soon realize lol
Summary: It is a flame that was set ablaze by a smile. A fire that consumes everything in its wake. A wildfire that burnt them to ashes, down to their roots.

A heartbeat that awakens from the ashes.

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[FANFIC - HBD, SASUKE!] the taming of a tsundere; (SK)

By: Kanae (Goth-Punk88 @ ff.net)
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor / Romance
Word Count: 566
Author's Notes: A light-hearted, crackish oneshot featuring a more traditional take on Karin’s tsundere qualities, plus a more self-aware Sasuke who has already settled his issues. So yup, post-series haha
Summary: [Post-series] It’s his birthday, and Sasuke has decided that he has had enough.

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[fanfic - HBD, Karin!] périodicité (sk)

Title: périodicité
By: Kanae (Goth-Punk88 @ ff.net)
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2.817
Author's Notes: Made for our "Karin's birthday week" over at the Ice&Spice FC @ NF ♥ I... don't even know what this is, or where it came from, and it's possibly one of the cheesiest pieces I've written for SK. But I kind of regret nothing lol - Oh and that novice drawing at the top of the fic? yup, mine's. guilty as charged orz
Summary: June 20 has never been an ordinary day for one Uzumaki Karin.

périodicité (periodicity)
"recurrence at regular intervals of time."

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oneshot - sasukarin; 5 times Sasuke fell for Karin

Back when I wrote 5 times Karin cried in front of Sasuke (and one time she didn't), I mentioned that I had in mind a piece following the same criteria but from Sasuke's POV - now, two years later, I've finally written it lol

Title: 5 times Sasuke fell for Karin (and the one time he realized it)
By: Kanae (Goth-Punk88 @ ff.net)
Rating: K+
Word Count: 3.466
Author's Notes: Most of it takes place during the time-skip; however, the very last vignette takes place post-series. So we're dealing with a redeemed Sasuke who no longer carries the weight of his revenge around and a Karin that has also gone through her fair share of stuff. So their behavior will, of course, be different. - There is also a line that was inspired by a RoyAi (Fullmetal Alchemist) quote ♥
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