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S♥Yoong Love Series [Complete]

I’ve had this project in mind for a while now, and two days ago, I finally sat down and wrote the whole thing in one go. Some are better than others, some are funnier, some are more romantic and some are longer—but the main theme of them all was (subconsciously) or rather (unsaid). We all have those moments, when we try to swallow down words that we wish to say or even try to deny them to our own selves. Well, that’s the main thing that I worked with on here~ and I tried to play with it in different ways for each drabble, so hopefully you guys will enjoy them all.

This project was born because I love, love, love S♥Yoong and some of the pairings don’t get enough love~ so here’s my contribution to the fandom. If you love Super Yoong and its 13 (+2) pairings, too, then check out superyoong!

The plan is posting a drabble per day, each one for a different pairing, and the order they come up in is determined by the age of the SuJu boy. So YoonTeuk’s is first, while YoonRy (Henry+YoonA) will be the last. Of course, there’ll be mention of other pairings in some of them, and not all of the Suju Boy+YoonA will be romantic, some of them will be platonic~ Either way, I hope you all can enjoy them!

After I finish posting this series, I fully intend to work on a SHINee Yoong one, aka, “YoonA’s 5 fanboys” lol

YoonA and her 13 (+2) boyfriends
Super Yoong

Best friend (and nothing else)
Leeteuk x YoonA (YoonTeuk)

Leeteuk is happy whenever YoonA calls him, not only because she is his beloved friend and talking to her makes him happy (not because her laughter makes him light headed and her voice is like a sonata from angel’s) but also because it helps remind him (and everyone else) of the place he has in her life. It helps to remind him (and them) that no matter what (no matter how many line up to be with her) regardless of everything (of how much Hyukjae makes her laugh, how nicely Yesung treats her, how well Heechul and Kangin take care of her, how badly Donghae longs for her and how greatly Ryeowook and Kyuhyun care) Leeteuk (for better or for worse) is still, and will always be, her best friend. The first face that comes to her mind when she has an issue, the first one she turns to when she’s feeling down, the first one she calls when she doesn’t have anything to do and just wants to talk to someone, the one who knows every thought that goes through her head, the one that she loves unconditionally.

And he loves her unconditionally, too (more than she knows) because the ‘best friends’ deal goes both ways (but only that and nothing more) and YoonA is precious to him (so, so precious) and he can trust her with everything (though not really).

So it’s always with pride that he states it, that he voices it out for the world to know (even if they haven’t asked, even if it’s plain for the eye to see) I’m her best friend. And YoonA would grin and laugh and hit him on the arm or nod gravely and hold onto his arm instead, and he would be reminded (again) that what he has stated is nothing (all there is to it) but the truth.

He’s (only) her best friend.

(Sometimes Leeteuk wishes he could forget that, at least for a little while)


Just what she needs (but doesn’t know she needs)

One day while he looks around him (at their gleaming eyes and itching fingers and nervous twitching) Heechul figures that he’s just what YoonA needs. He isn’t sure whether YoonA realizes it or not (though he guesses that she doesn’t, she doesn’t even see the source of the problem) but there’s not a single doubt in his mind that the conclusion he has reached is the absolute truth (and Heechul is never wrong).

You see, YoonA needed someone who did more than worship the ground she walked on (stare after her, ogle at her). Someone who didn’t think she was some sort of expensive porcelain doll that was out of reach (she was right there and she didn’t break easily). Someone who could critique some of her choices openly so that she could grow from her mistakes (YoonA is not Heechul so she isn’t always right). Someone who would be there for her, whenever she needed him to, without having a secret agenda in mind (without wanting more).

Someone who was only her friend and who actually wanted to be nothing but that.

If you asked YoonA about it, she’d reply (clueless) that none of her friends were interested in her as anything but that—a friend (if only she knew). Heechul would beg to differ though, because YoonA just didn’t know about this sort of stuff (even if she thought she did). Otherwise, she wouldn’t go around replying that ‘no guy showed interest in me’ on variety shows (Heechul wonders whether she would realize they’re there only if they literally lined up).

Heechul did know about this sort of stuff though (oh, he did). He did know (too well), and he understood that there was no one to blame for the tangled webs that were knitted around her. Despite the boy’s better intentions (despite the innocent beginnings and the uninterested approaches), the day would come when YoonA would smile in a certain way (pretty eyes light up and loud, cheery laughter everywhere) and they’d be caught, the escape exit beyond their reach, any alternatives thrown out of the window (head over heals in love with someone they wouldn’t dare to reach).

They all went down the same road at least once during their friendship with her—all except for Heechul, that is. Because Heechul is Heechul (and YoonA isn’t Chinese).

And he’s just what YoonA needs, whether she realizes it or not.


Nice (very, very nice)

Hangeng thinks that YoonA is a nice girl. He doesn’t tell her too often, not only because he’s lazy and trying to find the proper words seems like too much of a hassle (asking Heechul would be even more of a hassle), but also because there aren’t too many opportunities to do it since both of them are so busy all the time.

Still, he tries to show it to her in any way he can. He greets her when they cross each other in a hallway, teases her when he can afford to have the time to do it (which isn’t as often as he’d like), hangs out with them when Heechul says that it’s time to give YoonA some of his loving (Hangeng still gets the most part but YoonA doesn’t seem to mind), (affectionately) ruffles her hair and even gives her dancing tips when he feels that she needs them (add more strength to that, like that, yes). He even cooked for her once, to thank her for her worry (for him and Heechul) when he got sick one day (and Heechul caught it too).

Sometimes Hangeng feels a little regretful that he isn’t as affectionate to her as he’d like to be (she’s somewhat like his little sister, though she may not know it yet), but he finds solace in the thought that YoonA seems to love Heechul despite the fact that he’s not that affectionate, either (more like a beautiful walking box of sarcasm and wit), so he hopes that (since he’s always with Heechul) he’ll be able to get the same treatment, too.

Because Hangeng actually does care about whether YoonA appreciates him or not, as he thinks that she’s a very, very nice girl (and he hopes that YoonA knows that, too).

(And if she thinks that’s he’s a very, very nice guy in turn, then all the better)


Attention (reason)
Yesung + YoonA (YenA)

“How do you do it?”

Yesung asks her one day, and YoonA blinks with surprise (where did he come from?!), right in the middle of swallowing down a bite of her food.

“How do I do what, oppa?”

“That,” he says, and as explanation he points to the tv hanging above of their heads with a hand. YoonA raises her eyes only to find herself staring back (it wasn’t that creepy anymore) through the screen, but she’s as confused as before (as always when it came to Yesung)

“I… don’t get it” She reveals, unceremoniously, and Yesung all but groans.

“You’re not even in the center, but they focus on you all the same. How do you do it? I barely get any air time, even if it’s me the one singing!” He reveals (bitterly) somewhat sheepishly, and he wouldn’t have done it hadn’t he known that YoonA wouldn’t judge him (she never judges anyone, that’s one of the reasons why he liked her in the first place).

The wise reply that his outburst gets is a shrug, “I don’t know, oppa. I know that you think that this has got a really logical and intricate answer but it really doesn’t” YoonA explains, trying to ignore for a moment that her food was waiting for her (and getting cold) while they discussed a topic that they had already talked about more than once (a thousand times was more like it).

“So you’re telling me that the cameras just love you?”

Yesung asks, with skepticism. YoonA frowns thoughtfully,

“It’d seem like it, yes. That, or the ahjussis do”

After a few moments Yesung nods (and YoonA takes that as her cue to go back to eating) apparently having accepted the conclusion (whether the former or the last, YoonA didn’t know) and then he proceeds to sit by her side and submerge himself in thought.

YoonA is curious, but she lets him be (she isn’t completely sure that she wants to know what he was thinking about) and once she’s done eating, Yesung talks again.

“YoonA, I’ve found the perfect solution!”

She smiles, a little unsure, “And that is…?”

“Whenever there’s a broadcast and the two of us are together, I’ll be by your side! That way, the camera will grow to love me, too!”

He seems proud with his conclusion and more than a little hopeful that his plan will work, so YoonA decides that she should play along (she didn’t like to see her oppa being sad or concerned about such things), “Alright, oppa. Just, don’t do anything that may cause a scandal”

Yesung grins, as if he were a super hero on a comic, “Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control!”

(YoonA doesn’t feel too assured, but she doesn’t question him any further)

He puts his plan into action at the first chance he gets, and a few months later, YoonA is used (and even thankful) to have him by her side on every single broadcast without fail (and Yesung has forgotten why everything started in the first place).


Question (protector)

“Aigoo, oppa~”


“…How come I don’t have a boyfriend yet?”

Were Kangin drinking (or eating) something, he’d have spit it out across the both of them right then and there. As it is, he almost chokes on his spit and has to stare (hard) at the girl in front of him, because that didn’t seem like a YoonA-ish thing to ask (unless he’s in Leeteuk’s body and he hasn’t realized it yet)

(He looks down just to check, and is just as confused when he confirms that yes, Kangin was still Kangin alright)

“What brought that up?” He finally asks, still staring at her as if she had grown a second (and third and fourth) head. YoonA seems to be a bit embarrassed by his reaction, but to her credit, she was doing what she could to hold her ground and not back down.

“I was asked about it today at a program, and I just don’t get it, oppa” YoonA begins, and she looks so honest that Kangin cannot help but to start feeling for her, “How come guys keep picking me as their ideal, but no one ever shows interest in me when we’re in the same place?”

You’ve got to be kidding me, is what Kangin thinks, but he smiles instead, reaching out to ruffle her hair (and ignoring the you’re blind, yoong that wanted to slip out his mouth) “That’s because they know that if they tried something, they’ve got one tough guy that they’d have to get through”

(More like 13, but Kangin thinks that goes without saying)

To his relief, his comment makes YoonA give him a smile that’s half pout as she bats his hand away, “But oppa, that can’t be all there is to it”

Kangin pretends to be scandalized, “What?! Are you saying that I’m not intimidating enough? Take that back right now, Im Yoon Ah!”

This time, YoonA lets out a roar of full laughter (and Kangin cannot help but to drop his act to grin back) “I didn’t mean that, oppa. I meant… I meant that perhaps they’re choosing me just to play safe and go with the crowd”

Kangin’s grin melts into a frown. “Why would you think that, Yoong?”

YoonA shrugs, but she averts her eyes. “I don’t know, oppa. Even you almost picked me, but why? What makes me so special that everyone’s choice has got to be the real deal and not just a front?”

Once again, all Kangin can do is stare. In wonder and utter amazement at how blind YoonA could really be (he forgot sometimes, but there she was to always remind him)

“You’re so blind, YoonA” He does tells her this time, with (affection) honesty, and YoonA frowns-pouts, looking affronted.

“Am not!” She stubbornly denies, and Kangin (is washed over by a wave of affection) reaches out to ruffle her hair again, and this time accompanies the gesture with a light push to the back and an arm around her shoulders, as he guides her out of the room.

“Come on, I’ll treat you something to eat. You’ve got to eat if you want to keep that body of yours in shape, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the reasons why some of them picked you, too”

He (says) jokes, and it’s YoonA’s turn to pretend to be scandalized as she hits his arm playfully out of embarrassment, “Oppa~!”

Kangin bursts out laughing (and he doesn’t tell her, but he promises that he won’t let her end up with anyone that picked her on that premise)

(He could be very intimidating by his own, thank you very much. And if that wasn’t enough, he had 12 backups)


Encrypted (decrypted)

Shindong thinks that one can tell the most about someone, from their cooking. Some people would look at him weirdly when he said that, but it was the truth. Tons of things about someone were said in the way they spiced their food, how long they left it on the stove, whether they added personal touches or not, how proud of their dishes they were. There was a full story written there, in each bite he took, and Shindong loved (sometimes hated) every second of it.

When it came to YoonA’s cooking, Shindong didn’t have to try to decipher anything, or even pay attention to what her food was telling him, because it was all written over YoonA herself—the things that made her, her, they were as clearly expressed on her every day attitude as they were in the taste of her cooking.

Shindong appreciated that, liked it, because it made him feel like he knew YoonA inside and out (even if he was no Leeteuk) and because it reaffirmed to him why he found her so special in the first place (it’s not only because of how much Eunhyuk treasures her, Shindong likes genuine people). Plus, that meant he could dedicate himself to fully enjoy her delicious cooking without getting sidetracked (or losing his appetite over the things he found or didn’t find).

And that’s how it always was—until the fateful day in which Shindong found something new in the taste of YoonA’s food, that is, as she cooked something for Donghae’s birthday (YoonA never understood why Shindong gave her that sly smile after he tasted it, or why he began to tease her mercilessly from then onwards).

(He refuses to tell Donghae, either, when the later questions him for the umpteenth time about why he’s so sure that YoonA won’t reject him. Shindong thinks that it’s not fair to ruin the surprise for the less gifted people, he should find out for himself)


Devil (angel)

Sungmin doesn’t quite get why YoonA looks so annoyed (frustrated?) at him, and it puzzles him for the best part of an hour until he gets tired of feeling her eyes digging holes through the back of his skull and decides that it was about time to get to the bottom of the matter (whatever the matter was) because (what the hell?) he couldn’t concentrate on his writing with her being (so irksome) like that.

“Alright, you’re going to tell me what’s going on, and you’re going to tell me now. What did I do?” He lets out promptly right as he turns around to face her, and gets a pout in response.

“Oppa, how dense are you?”

Sungmin can only blink (dense? Him?) and then narrow his eyes in (warning) question, “What do you mean, YoonA-yah?”

YoonA only pouts some more, but this time she actually looks exasperated. “What do I mean? Have you thought about wondering what Sunny unnie meant? No that there was need to do it, since she couldn’t have been more obvious!”

There’s an insistent pulsing that (at the mention of Sunny’s name) suddenly begins to reverberate through his head, and Sungmin takes two fingers to his temple in order to massage his throbbing muscles (and calm down his nerves, which have been up and going like alarms since the possibility of a scandal with Sunny presented itself in the form of an indiscreet question in an entertainment show) before addressing what YoonA had (suggested) said, “YoonA, I don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about. Are you going to be more clear or will I have to—”

If you liked me, I’d like you to tell me yourself” YoonA quotes, doing (what Sungmin thinks) is her impersonation of Sunny’s voice, together with the expression that (Sungmin knows) Sunny had on her face as she told him that.

Oh, that Sungmin thinks (and the headache worsens) “So? I don’t see what’s so ground breaking about that, Yoong. It’s a very Sunny-ish thing to say, isn’t it?” He says instead (but YoonA doesn’t want to play his pretend game)

“Yeah, to you, oppa. That’s something that Sunny unnie would say only to you. Are you really saying that doesn’t tell you something?” By the tone of her voice, it’s obvious that regardless of what he said YoonA wouldn’t be convinced of the contrary (no that he can blame her) so Sungmin knows how to recognize when one has to back out from a battle.

“That still doesn’t mean that she likes me and I don’t remember ever saying that I liked her, so I don’t even know why we’re having this conversation” Case in point, he turned right around and went back to his writing, even though the pressure on his head (chest now, too?!) didn’t recede one bit and he could now concentrate even less (wouldn’t be able to even if YoonA stopped looking at him like that).

Still, Sungmin thinks that YoonA’s silence meant a (temporal) victory for him, and that she’d be giving up (for the time being, she’d come back later, he was sure of it) and leaving him to mind his own business (no that his mind would stop going in circles around what YoonA had brought up, either way).

Alas, Sungmin can be (very) wrong sometimes, and he discovers as much when suddenly, out of the blue, YoonA begins to sing a tune he knows (only too well).

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, I love you~ I want you~ I want you!

Sungmin closes his notebook with a loud thud (he can admit a loss when he was hit by one, too).

A few minutes later YoonA skips happily (satisfied, that little devil) out of the room with a clear message to give to her unnie and leaves Sungmin with a strong headache (and even stronger heart beatings) and shaking hands (it was now or never).

A few hours later, when he has Sunny’s smaller figure in his arms and she helps him write the song he has been working on, Sungmin thinks that YoonA is his favorite dongsaeng (ever) and an angel sent to him by the gods above. He’d have to pay her back for her help, too (preferably with a similar service involving everyone’s favorite spacey boy).


Ambiguity (subconsciously)
Eunhyuk x YoonA (YoonHyuk)

A Thursday 18th at four o’clock in the afternoon found Lee Hyukjae and Im Yoon Ah sitting together with their backs resting against the cold wall and (something) nothing to do at all. Her head is resting on his shoulder and she’s semi-asleep, her eyes closed (her long fingers trace lazy circles across the screen of his ipod). His fingers are playing with his earphones and he’s (too) awake, eyes set on his lap (he tangles and untangles the chord of his earphones, becomes familiar with all the knots)


He inquires, suddenly, and she makes a soft sound (hmms) in both response and question, prodding him to go further.

“Are you bored?”

She smiles, amused by the unexpected question (her position shifts just the slightest bit and her head moves on his shoulder, her hair tickles his cheek).

“No, are you?”

It’s his turn to smile, and he does so widely, the unreleased laughter being born in the depths of his stomach and fluttering inside like butterflies (his fingers halt their untangling for a moment, and then they restart again, slowly making their way through the chord and moving closer to the ipod it was connected to)

“No. Isn’t it weird, though? We aren’t doing anything and yet we’re not bored”

Her smile widens until her teeth are showing (she shifts a little more, the side of her body resting completely against his arm now, he’s warm).

“Well, you are weird, oppa”

“Haha, very funny”

He mock laughs, his finger playfully hitting hers which was still tracing circles atop of the ipod’s screen. She laughs heartily by his side, and her finger returns the hit swiftly. He’s not about to let her win that one though, so he hits back and gets a hold of her finger with his, to make sure that’s the end of the fight (her finger relaxes as soon as he holds it and his doesn’t let go, the two rest there, lazily entwined together, and she’s no longer tracing circles on the screen and he’s no longer playing with the chord)

“You didn’t answer the question”

He points out, after a few minutes of silence, and she frowns slightly.

“You asked something?”

“Playing dumb doesn’t go well with you, Im YoonA”

She bites her lip to keep herself from arguing, her lips curved in a smile, and she shows her usual violent reply by pressing harder on the finger she was still holding (he smiles when she does it and his eyes land on their entwined fingers, the pressure she had applied is lifted almost immediately and they go back to idly laying together again. He thinks he feels the happiness fluttering a bit more wildly (like butterflies, flying up), and he thinks that it feels good, to feel (like this) so relaxed)


He prods once again, and YoonA gives in, realizing that for some reason or another he was actually seriously curious about it.

“I don’t think it’s weird, oppa… we’re not usually bored when we’re together, are we?”

“But we say that we’re bored all the time”

“We say that more out of habit, don’t we? I mean, I guess it just…” She raises her head from his shoulder and they stare at each other, she frowning with concentration (their fingers stop playing with one another, like they had been doing for a while) “feels like we should be bored, so we say it, but… it’s not as if we are

He blinks; once, twice. And then he blinks some more.

“And then you say I’m the weird one”

She pouts, hits his shoulder with her free arm (the one whose fingers weren’t holding his) and his hand raises up and catches her wrist, holds it there against his chest where it impacted. He grins.

“I think your weirdness made some sense”

He declares, proudly, and she looks at him with mock-accentuated uncertainness (her hand relaxes in his hold, her previously fisted fingers slowly spreading across the material of his shirt)



“Then that confirms you’re weird!” She declares with triumph, and he looks shocked.

“How come?”

She grins with mischief and her fingers fully spread (against his heart) now, as she shoves him back slightly, playfully.

“You understood my weirdness, then that means you’re weird, too. Only two weirdos can understand each other”

He stares at her for a bemused instant before bursting out laughing, causing her to laugh loudly in turn (his fingers fully close around the wrist of her left hand and their previously battling fingers are still entwined)

“Right, right. We’ll be weirdos, then! No more choding for you and no more monkey for me, weirdo covers it all!”

She laughs even harder and he laughs some more (and they laugh until they don’t even know what they’re laughing about) and somewhere through it all she turns around again and her head finds its rightful position against his shoulder (and there’s no space between their bodies) her hair is tickling his check so he leans his head against hers to avoid the funny sensation (her hair smells nice and the hand holding her wrist doesn’t let go of it, instead they lower together and rest on his lap, it’s more comfortable that way).

“Say, YoonA”


“Your hair smells nice”

She grins, doesn’t bother to open her eyes, and this time it’s her sock-clad feet that which she uses to hit him.

“Shut up!”

Hyukjae laughs (and his feet leans towards hers which had gotten closer, and their toes rest against one another).

(the fingers holding her wrist slowly spread out, until they lay against the inside of her palm, the tips of two of her fingers lightly brushing against them in a butterfly caress)

(The fluttering multiplies, her finger slightly trembles momentarily against his, and for a moment Hyukjae wonders whether the butterflies found a nest inside her chest, too)


Meeting (comes in handy)

ZhouMi meets YoonA for the first time at one of the hallways of the SM building during his first visit there as an official member of Super Junior M. He already knows who she is, how could he not when (Kyuhyun sure liked to talk about her) her face was everywhere, (Ryeowook messaged her more often than not) she was part of SNSD and (Donghae was crazy over her) she was so beautiful.

ZhouMi talks to YoonA for the first time because she (caught him watching) looked at him and turned towards Donghae (who was buying her something from the vending machines) with a curious smile, pointing then towards ZhouMi himself with deliberate normalcy. He understands then what YoonA was asking Donghae (he is one of your friends, isn’t he? The one you’ve told me about?) and by Donghae’s huge smile he can tell his reply, too. YoonA turns back towards him then, and this time, she gives him a grin (so bright, Kyuhyun wasn’t exaggerating when he said it could be blinding) and a happy wave that ZhouMi (who’s still sort of in a daze) replies a little bemusedly.

ZhouMi becomes fond of YoonA for the first time when she’s as nice as only she can be and behaves as if she had known him for her whole life. When she without even trying makes him forget about how out of place he felt and instead makes him feel at home, with a light push to his shoulder (that would leave a bruise, no doubt, but he understood now why Ryeowook always said they were worth it) and loud laughter, joking with Donghae and aiding him to help ZhouMi in on the joking, too.

ZhouMi is really, really glad that he has meet, talked and become fond of YoonA, once and for all. She was a really nice, good and funny girl (and that meant that he would finally be able to join in the next time her three fanboys began their weekly meetings).


What they see (what we do)
Donghae x YoonA (YoonHae)

Donghae isn’t dumb, he can understand why they must act the way they do (like strangers), why they must play the game of pretend in front of everyone (but themselves). He can understand, and that’s why he plays along, too (that and because he loves her) and tries to tone down his complaints to a once in a while deal rather than frequent sessions of whining (he knows that YoonA appreciates his effort).

But Donghae is dreamy and resourceful, and he knows how to make the most out of the smallest, simplest, most trivial situations. He knows how to be close to her without really being close at all.

Whenever they stepped on the stage, she’d stand on one end and he on the other (and the people in between would disappear because to him there’s no one but her) and he’d have to turn his head towards the place she’s standing at in order to see the MC (and he wouldn’t take his eyes away from her and her beauty and his longing). If the chance came up, he’d use anything as an excuse to near her (and he could feel her warmth throughout the crowd and could see her back stiffen because she can feel him, too) and if possible, he’d high five her (and would not let go, his thumb caressing the inside of her palm, reminding her that’s where she holds his heart) and he’d feel her eyes following him (and he knows that’s what she wants to do, with more than her eyes). His eyes would finally meet hers from across the stage, and Donghae would see it (I love you) all reflected in her eyes, and then he’d meet hers (caress her) with his own (across her face, down her neck) and YoonA would (shiver) smile, and Donghae would smile back (later), and she would roll her eyes a bit but laugh all the same (I can’t say no to you). Donghae’s eyes would soften, then, and he’d casually press the microphone to his heart (I love you, so, so much) and YoonA would pretend to make a heart sign to Yuri who was by her side (no more than I love you).

By the end of the day, they were still standing at opposite ends (but Donghae’s heart was full with the now and the promises of later) and it was (more than) enough.


Guilty (guiltier)
Siwon x YoonA (YoonWon)

After the SPAO photoshoot, Siwon felt sort of guilty. It’s not like it was the first time they took pictures together (though it’s been a long time since that first time) and it’s not like they did something improper (God knows they wouldn’t!), and it’s not even like the pictures were intimate at all (standing side by side is something they do every day, and sharing the same scarf is hardly something ground breaking) but he stills feels guilty about it. He feels like it’s unfair for him to get the couple-y pictures with her when the boy who loves her more than he loves anything had to content himself with merely breathing the same air as her.

Siwon thinks that it’s unfair; really, really unfair, and he wishes that he could do something to help him (himself) or her. Something that would bring them even closer together (and get himself out of the picture). Something (anything) because he felt (knew) that he didn’t belong there by her side (not then, not now, not ever).

(And Siwon feels the guiltiest because lately, that has been starting to hurt, if just a tiny little bit)


Angel (out of reach)
Ryeowook x YoonA (YoonWook)

For Ryeowook, YoonA was an angel. That’s what he saw when he looked at her, that’s what he heard whenever she laughed. Whenever their skins touched, however momentarily, he imagined that’s how the touch of an angel’s feather wings must feel like. He knows that YoonA wants to be seen like a lady and he knows that her friends see her like an elementary schoolboy instead, but he doesn’t agree with either of them (So sorry, YoonA-yah) because what he has always seen (and will always see) her as, is just that.

An angel.

His adored angel.

(But she has been always floating out of his reach)


Then (never)
Kibum x YoonA (YoonBum)

When they were trainees, he used to be one of the closest to her. They saw each other every day and she had learnt how to lean on him, had let him in and let him get a good look at what she really was about, underneath the angel-like image and the beauty and the strength.

(Funny that was all Kibum saw underneath, too)

They grew up but they stayed close, or at least as close as their schedules could allow them to. Then both of them got the chances they had been hoping for; he got famous, she got even more famous, and they cheered the other on throughout it all.

(Now he wonders when she’ll be free enough to try acting again)

But that was then, and this is now, and (so, so many) many things have changed. They’re still close (or at least that’s what he’d like to think) and they talk sometimes, but it’s not nearly as often as they did before and they no longer practice their lines together and they’re no longer the Kibum and YoonA that they once were.

They’re no longer as close.

Sometimes Kibum fondly remembers the them from before and he feels nostalgic. More often than not though, he just wishes he had realized it sooner.

(Perhaps back then, something could’ve been done about it)

He doesn’t like to think about it, though. Kibum feels that there’s no use to mull over the spilled water (and even less if it has spilled from right in between your fingers)


Acceptance (resignation)
Kyuhyun x YoonA (KyuYoong)

Across the years, he has learnt how to come to terms with it. He has had a lot of time to do it, as he has known what was waiting for him from the moment (he saw her smiling at him) he accepted that there was nothing to do to avoid falling for her (and it’s been a long while since that, too). So he’s (somewhat) okay with it, now. At least it didn’t hurt as much as it once did.

(But boy, did it still hurt)

Kyuhyun sometimes thinks that he should’ve deserved something better for everything he has gone through; thinks he should’ve deserved a lucky love life with him giving love and being loved in return (Sungmin tells him he’s still young, but Sungmin doesn’t get it) or at least something less uncomfortable and frustrating than seeing the girl you’re (madly) in love with, being with one of your dearest friends (your brother).

He thinks that sometimes. Other times though, he thinks that perhaps, perhaps he was the lucky one. He thinks that sometimes (when he sees them trying to pretend that they’re not dying to hold hands and show the world how in love they are) because at least like they’re right now, he can interact with her freely whenever he wants to, anywhere he wants to, and she doesn’t complain, doesn’t think anything weird is going on at all.

Kyuhyun likes to think that he has that, at least. Likes to think that perhaps somewhere around the world people have seen them and have at least once entertained the thought of KyuYoong (or YoonKyu, he knows that YoonA likes to take the handle of things and he’s fine with it, he likes that) just like he has done a thousand times (just like YoonA has never and will never do).

Throughout the heartache, Kyuhyun has learnt to find happiness in the small things. Her laughter, her touch, her smile, her company, her trust; those are capable of filling him up until he (almost) forgets that there’s more of her that he desires (longs) for, and it’s then that Kyuhyun feels that regardless of everything, he was lucky. He was lucky to have fallen for someone like YoonA, and he wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world because (despite it all) she made him happy (and that’s what Sungmin will never get).

(If looking but never touching was the torture he had to go through to feel that way, then so be it)


Beauty (contagious)

There are many reasons why Henry finds YoonA beautiful, too many to count. He wouldn’t know how to start when asked (but he’d like to try) so he’d say first, before anything else, “She just is”.

(As far as he’s concerned the topic should end there, but if you insist) Then he’d reminisce to the short moments he has been able to share with her, and try to pinpoint, one by one, the traits that make her so ethereally beautiful in his eyes.

Her carefree nature (ah, don’t worry about that! It’s nothing that a change of clothes won’t fix! Let’s keep playing!), her helpfulness (omo, don’t listen to them, oppa. You know you’ve got us here, that’s good too, isn’t it?), her friendliness (you must be Henry oppa! I’ve heard so much about you~! And I’ve been dying to pinch your cheeks, I hope you don’t mind kekeke), how hard working she is (not yet, oppa, I cannot let them down, so I have to do my best in this), how dedicated she is (keke two hours of sleep are more than enough when one is doing what one likes, right, oppa?), her laughter (omo! Oppa don’t pester Henry oppa!), her face (do I really look that embarrassing without make up?), her strength (it’s okay, I won’t cry for this, not anymore), her warmth (omo… you’re exaggerating, I’m not that good of a person, really), the effect she had on people (Ryeowook oppa, are you alright? You look a little light headed. Are you sure you ate well?), her generosity (could you please record my unnie instead? My throat hurts today, you see, and…), just, everything.

He could go on and on for minutes (hours, days, weeks, months). But if you’re not that close to him, Henry would omit one of the main reasons why he finds YoonA so unbelievably beautiful.

She makes those around her look beautiful, too (Henry really likes the way Donghae's eyes light up whenever he sees her, and Ryeowook's voice softens when he sings to her, and Kyuhyun smile so much more)


And with this, the S♥Yoong series is finished! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment~! and don't forget to check out superyoong&yoon_hae~!
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