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22 July 2012 @ 05:36 pm
[FANFIC - HBD, SASUKE!] the taming of a tsundere; (SK)  
By: Kanae (Goth-Punk88 @ ff.net)
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor / Romance
Word Count: 566
Author's Notes: A light-hearted, crackish oneshot featuring a more traditional take on Karin’s tsundere qualities, plus a more self-aware Sasuke who has already settled his issues. So yup, post-series haha
Summary: [Post-series] It’s his birthday, and Sasuke has decided that he has had enough.

the taming of a tsundere;
by Kanae

It happens once everyone has left.

“I—I brought you something,” Karin states, looking the other way, “for your birthday.”

His eyes clung to the small bottle for a moment, mind whirling with questions.

“You brought me perfume?” he inquires, stunned, gaze flickering to her face.

Karin pulls at the neck of her shirt, her voice startlingly hoarse.

“More like made it, actually, but—” she goes a little red at the ears and before he can even blink Karin is back to being the brash and forward girl he knows so well. “Pft, not that it matters! Will you take it or not? Just tell me already so I can leave! I have things to do, you know?!”

But Sasuke barely listens to a word she says, too busy replaying Suigetsu’s words.

Karin’s crazy about you, man. Why do you think she put up with all the shit you put her through? She would have blasted my balls off to next Sunday if it had been me in your shoes!

Such had been Suigetsu’s crude but eloquent way of letting Sasuke know that Karin loved him—or had loved him, once. Sasuke had refused to believe it, at first; but since then, he has had more than enough time to put two and two together, and he has to acknowledge that everything did add up.

Karin, however, has always adamantly denied it; or at least never confirmed it.

Until today, that is, the Uchiha decides, hardening his expression.

Sasuke is not willing to let the matter go this time.

“When girls give handmade gifts to a guy, it usually means something.”

Obviously not expecting his words, all Karin can do is part her lips and splutter a “W-what—?”

But Sasuke is bracing himself and cutting her off before she can even attempt to gather her composure. “Does it mean something, now?”

“W—wh… who cares about that, Sasuke?! Will you just take the damn thing alrea—!”

Does it, Karin?”

The answer is whispered so softly that he almost misses it.


Sasuke’s eyes widen. After a breath Karin’s do, too, and she hurries to push her glasses further up her nose and clear her throat. “I—I mean, maybe. How am I supposed t—?!”

Natural as breathing, Sasuke shuts her up with a kiss.

It’s his first, and this seems to be something he won’t be a natural at—it’s sloppy, tense, and tentative; but despite the shortcomings, it feels right. Like this is what he was supposed to be doing, and Sasuke relishes that feeling the most.

When they part, Sasuke is greeted with the sight of Karin’s half-lidded eyes and dazed gaze, her cheeks colored two shades lighter than her hair—and as he feels the skin of her neck turn to gooseflesh under his fingertips, he finds himself falling for her all over again.

“So,” and though he tries to sound casual—as if his heart wasn’t beating just as hard as hers was—it’s too easy to hear the smile that slips into his face. He figures he must look ridiculous, but he finds that he doesn’t quite care. “Is it a yes or a maybe, Karin?”

“Oh, just shut up, Sasuke,” the redhead demands airily, and in one swift movement she has taken her glasses off and has thrown her arms around his neck, a roguish grin curving her lips, “and kiss me again.”


The idea for this was born while reading a fantastic LinZin piece by Oh Dee, which inspired the dialogues about hand-made gifts “usually meaning something” (which Sasuke knows better than anyone thanks to the myriad of fangirls he used to have, ofc)~ and of course, I couldn’t resist playing up Karin’s tsundere-ness haha

So yes, happy birthday Sasuke~! ♥
I'm : amusedamused
elleloveslellelovesl on July 23rd, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
awwwwwwww damn Kanae, I don't know what's up with my emotions today but I feel like I'm going to get teary-eyed with SK happiness, that was perfect ;_; <3 XD
Kanae: YoonHae<3kanae_mizuhito on July 23rd, 2012 06:40 pm (UTC)
Re: beautiful

;~; thank you so much gg darling! ♥

Edited at 2012-07-23 06:41 pm (UTC)